FA Almond
Sweet-almond flavor, very much like almond extract.
Use it in bakery vapes just like you’d use almond extract when baking.
To reduce the sweetness, use Almond with a little FA Nut Mix - this tastes more like raw almonds.
Add some Almond when using Coconut for a classic flavor pairing and more complexity.
A little almond can change the cherry/almond accent in FA Vanilla Tahiti to almond-vanilla.
If you’re looking for sweet bitter-almond flavor (like in amaretto), see Marzipan.
This is not a roasted or toasted nut flavor, but little accents of Oak Wood, TFA Brown Sugar, and/or Black Fire in a recipe can give that effect.

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FA Anise
Bright, sweet, pure star-anise flavor with a characteristic sweetness on your tongue as
you inhale. For a sweet and cool effect with subtle anise flavor, use 0.5% or less in your
recipe. Anise makes fruits taste bright and sweeter at a fraction of a percent - or adds
distinctive anise flavor over 1%. It brightens and sweetens dark licorice flavors; that’s
why real licorice candies often include anise oil. Anise can sweeten and lighten tobacco
mixes; it is one of the flavors in FA 7 Leaves tobacco blend. Anise is a classic with all
citrus flavors and combines well with most fruits. It’s a nice twist to add to your favorite
minty vape. Anise flavor does not change as you pass 3%; it just gets stronger. FA Anise
and TFA Absinthe are interchangeable in most recipes.

FA Apple (Stark)
Mild, mellow, realistic apple juice flavor, like the juice of Stark Yellow Delicious apples.
Mildly sweet with no tart notes. Apple never dominates a recipe. It blends smoothly with
other flavors and makes an appealing sweetener in fruit blends. Add a little FA Liquid
Amber or FA Brandy to “bake” or “ferment” Apple. FA Walnut can accentuate Apple flavor in a recipe and the apple part of FA Apple Pie. For bold, crisp, fresh apple flavor,
see FA Fuji.

FA Apple Pie
Savory crust with some flavor of FA Apple and light spice that many people will not
notice. Apple Pie is not very sweet or fruity. The apple flavor is easily covered by other
fruits, especially dark fruits and berries, so adding a small touch of Apple Pie to your
other fruit can make a tasty pie. Classic American apple pie would begin here but
require additional FA Apple and/or Fuji plus extra cinnamon flavor - at the very least. For
a cobbler-type crust flavor try a 2:1 ratio of Apple Pie: FA Cookie. Adding Cookie to
replace part of Apple Pie also helps minimize the apple, so you can get a crust flavor
that works well with light fruit flavors. FA Joy brings out the cinnamon flavor. Adding
sweet flavors like Marzipan or Zeppola can surprisingly make the cinnamon and apple
quite prominent.

FA Apricot
Fresh, juicy, ripe apricot - realistic flavor with just the right level of natural sweetness. It
can seem weak used standalone, but Apricot blends great with other fruits. Coconut
accents it well. Makes excellent apricot brandy (with FA Brandy) and apricot rum (with
FA Jamaican Rum), which can be used for cocktail-type vapes. To 'bake' Apricot, use a
little Brandy or Jamaican Rum along with a touch of TFA Brown Sugar. FA Peach can
boost Apricot flavor; FA Pear is the ideal sweetener for Apricot.

FA Banana
Banana can be used at higher percents than many other FA fruits: 5% standalone is not
unreasonable. This is totally realistic, natural tasting banana flavoring. Like real
bananas, it's not a bold flavor. This is yellow banana, not green, not brown, and not
strongly sweet. It’s ideal in smoothie-type vapes. FA Walnut can accentuate Banana.
Adding other sweet flavors can give you stronger than expected, “riper” banana flavor.

FA Bergamot
Totally accurate Bergamot flavor - the earthy, aromatic orange you may know from Earl
Grey tea. Add to FA Black Tea to make an Earl Grey. Bergamot is also the key to orange liqueur like Grand Marnier. Add 0.5% Bergamot to FA Orange (and optionally Brandy
and/or Mandarin) for various orange liqueur flavors. Bergamot adds an exotic touch and
extends orange flavors through the exhale. It has a bit of bitterness that works well in
cocktail and beverage vapes.

FA Bilberry
Stronger than most FA fruits! This is fresh-picked bilberries, which are European
blueberries, similar to American huckleberries. Bilberries are a bolder flavor, "darker"
and "wilder" than cultivated American blueberries - and not as sweet. Bilberry is a very
popular flavor in Europe, not too common in the U.S. American blueberries taste bland
and watery when compared to bilberries. This flavor can dominate a recipe. It can
overpower weak fruit flavors at surprisingly low percentages, but it blends easily with
other dark fruits and berries like Black Cherry, Pomegranate, and Blackcurrant. Use a
light touch (start at 0.5%) to add berries to bakery vapes. Excellent paired with
raspberry (many European candies use the two together); this combination is great with
tea and chocolate recipes. Try with FA Brandy for a liqueur flavor. To make it taste more
like an American blueberry, use plenty of sweet flavors with it, and consider adding
creams. Add a little FA Forest Mix for extra complexity in recipes that feature bilberry.

FA Blackberry
<1% !! Warning, very strong! FlavourArt has said this is one of their strongest flavors.
It’s a deep, full, complex, blackberry flavor. It is not especially sweet. The background
flavor is musky, like wild blackberries, and earthy. If it tastes like soap or perfume to you,
you are using too much. Consider making a 10% dilution to use as your flavoring - this
makes it easier to use very small amounts or fine-tune your percentage. Fresh Cream is
excellent to lighten the flavor; include additional sweeter flavors for the best flavor. Fans
of berry tobacco might enjoy a tiny (0.1%) touch of Blackberry in the background for the
dark berry flavor. If you have an aversion to floral flavors but want dark berries, consider
using FA Forest Mix or Bilberry instead. Blackberry mellows some with a long steep.

FA Black Cherry
Perfect for cherry cola! (try 4% Cola with 2% Black Cherry). Black Cherry can overrun
mild fruit flavors at surprisingly low percentages. It’s great for sweetening other strong,
dark fruits and berries, like Bilberry, Pomegranate, and Black Currant. Black Cherry
makes tasty cherry brandy (add a touch of FA Brandy) or cherry rum (mix with FA
Jamaican Rum). For baked fruit flavor in bakery mixes, add a touch of Brandy or
Jamaican Rum. Excellent with FA Almond for a bold cherry-almond addition to any
recipe. For cherry tobacco, Black Cherry is probably the one you want (as opposed to
Cherry). For a less dominant, less sweet cherry flavor, try FA Cherry. The two flavors
work well together, usually with more Cherry than Black Cherry for a balanced flavor. If
your Black Cherry vape needs any vanilla flavor, the sweet cherry/almond accents of FA
Vanilla Tahiti work especially well.

FA Black Currant
No other brand does this flavor near as well. It’s a berry-like flavor with sweet and tart
notes. It sweetens dark berry flavors, like Bilberry. It adds tartness to others, like
Raspberry. Small additions of Black Currant can add tanginess and interest to other fruit
flavors without distracting too much. This is one of the main flavors in FA Forest Mix.

FA Black Tea
Plain, unsweetened black tea. Mixed with 50% or more PG, you’ll get authentic
bitterness. You’ll need to add your own lemon, mint, honey, cream, bergamot, and so
on. Note that Black Tea tastes stronger with cheap/”spicy” nic base! The better your nic
quality, the MORE of this flavoring you need. Start at 2% & work up.

FA Brandy
Very authentic boozy flavor right after mixing, even when used under 1% percent - but
MUCH smoother and more subtle as it ages! Add to fruit flavors, just 0.25% to make
them taste juicier, 0.5% for a 'baked fruit' effect, or 1-1.5% for tasty fruit liqueur flavors.
Especially good with FA Bilberry, Black Currant, Apricot, and cherry flavors. Apricot
Brandy and Black Cherry Brandy are superb made with FA flavorings. Brandy adds a
gourmet touch to fruity bakery recipes - remember to let your mix age at least a day or
two if you use it like this. A light touch of Brandy with apple flavors can give you hard
apple cider. If you want a recipe to taste like it includes real alcohol, use Brandy, and
vape it without steeping.

FA Butterscotch
Bolder, richer, and sweeter than FA Caramel, like butterscotch ice-cream topping. For
bold caramel flavor in a recipe, Butterscotch stands out more distinctly than FA
Caramel. Where caramel blends in; Butterscotch pops. 2% Butterscotch + 1% FA
Brandy makes a Buttershots butterscotch schnapps flavor, good in cocktail-type vapes.
When combined with nut flavors or Coconut, some very rich, buttery notes can develop
over time. The higher quality your nic and the more VG in your mix, the smoother
Butterscotch will taste. FA Jamaican Rum sweetens it well - think butter rum.

FA Cappuccino
This is a mild but persistent coffee flavor with powerful cream - unsweetened. The
cream in Cappuccino can overpower others flavors, so mixing with it can be a
challenge. Mix your other flavors, then add Cappuccino in small 0.5% increments to
avoid erasing the other flavors. The powerful cream in Cappuccino can be extremely
useful. Try it as a creamy-coffee addition to sweet recipes - that can give you excellent,
mild coffee vapes that cannot be duplicated easily with other FA flavors.

FA Caramel
More like ice-cream topping than hard candy. It never tastes burnt or cracker-jacks-like.
Definitely less sweet than most other brands’ caramels. It adds rich caramel to tobaccos
without transforming the mix into candy. Add FA Butterscotch for bolder, sweeter
caramel. Adding nut flavors can produce buttery effects as a mix ages; see notes on FA
Butterscotch and Walnut.

FA Cardamom
No other company makes this spice flavor, and FA did it perfectly! If you vape coconut,
fruit flavors, chai/tea, or spiced bakery recipes, you need this flavor. It tastes just like
sweet green cardamom, a sweet, earthy spice related to ginger. If you dislike ginger,
you may not like Cardamom - otherwise, give this spice a try. It's a distinctive flavor
you’re likely to recognize from Indian chai. Cardamom adds a great touch to many fruits.
Accent citrus with Cardamom for a Scandinavian accent. Cardamom and coconut are a
perfect pair; cardamom sweetens the flavor of FA Coconut, especially on the exhale. Try
it in recipes featuring FA Almond for a traditional Indian flavor pairing. Of course you
need Cardamom for authentic chai flavor. Add 0.25-0.5% Cardamom along with your
other chai spices.

FA Catalan Cream
This is the flavor Spanish catalan cream custard made with the traditional ingredients.
It’s sharper and more complex than Vienna Cream. It’s sweet and creamy, with vanilla,
a little lemony citrus, a little dark caramel, and a small touch of cinnamon-spice (which
some can taste and some cannot). FA Joy accentuates the spice in Catalan Cream.
Vary your vaping power to taste the range of flavors. It's bold enough to stand up to
strong berry flavors. For a milder version of this flavor, use it with Vienna Cream.
Catalan Cream makes a complex vape all by itself. It can smooth bold tobacco flavors
while adding a hint of sharp vanilla-caramel-citrus; the bit of spice in Catalan Cream can
vanish when mixed with some other flavors. Excellent with fruity and bakery flavors.

FA Cherry
Red, slightly tart, fresh cherry flavor - not a sweet or dark cherry. 3% or more will remind
some people of cherry candy or cough drops. A little menthol makes it into a proper
cough drop. If you want it to taste more like candy, try adding tiny amounts of FA
Orange and/or FA Fuji. To overcome the cough-drop effect in any cherry flavor, add
supporting, similar fruit flavors; try an accent of Forest Mix for more complexity, Black
Cherry for sweeter/darker flavor, Blackcurrant for sweet-and-tart effects, or Brandy for a
boozy flavor.

FA Chocolate
If you’re familiar with cocoa manufacturing, think of FA Chocolate as chocolate liquor
before the cocoa butter is added.
FA Chocolate can taste like Hershey’s syrup or chocolate liqueur, depending on the other
flavorings you use with it. If you have chocolate extract in your kitchen, notice FA
Chocolate smells just the same. When chocolate extract is used in cooking, it’s often
used with cocoa powder - which is the flavor of FA Cocoa.
Acetyl pyrazine is a secret weapon for chocolate vapes, but
it doesn’t have to be used in pure form. Bakery type flavors like FA Cookie or TFA
Cheesecake Graham can serve the same purpose while adding bakery or creamy
notes. Many tobacco flavorings and most nut flavors contain acetyl pyrazine, if you’re
interested in experimenting.

FA Cocoa
Like many other dark-colored flavorings, too much Cocoa can clog your wick/coil fairly
quickly, and too much power will give you a burnt flavor. If you’re sub-ohming, beware. If
you’re using more basic hardware, you’re in luck, because Cocoa is one amazing flavor
when vaped at higher resistance.

FA Cinnamon Ceylon
Superb bakery cinnamon flavor, complex and true to the real spice. Although some
people use it at crazy percentages for red-hot cinnamon candy, that's not the best use
of this one (use TFA Cinnamon Red Hot for that). In recipes with bakery-type cinnamon
as a major flavor, FlavourArt is ideal. Spiced apple pie, cookie flavors with cinnamon,
spiced beverages, sweet bakery recipes - that's where Cinnamon Ceylon really shines.
Like real cinnamon powder, it’s not very sweet. It relies on the rest of your recipe for
sweetness. Sweeten using flavors that taste sweet on the exhale, like FA Cardamom or
Anise. In bakery recipes, FA Zeppola sweetens Cinnamon Ceylon beautifully!

FA Citrus Mix
FA describes this one simply and accurately: "orange, lemon, grapefruit and mandarin."
If you have those FA flavors, you can duplicate Citrus Mix. The grapefruit gives you
tartness of fresh-squeezed citrus juice and makes this fresher and livelier than most
other mixed-citrus flavorings. It's interesting enough to enjoy standalone flavor,
especially if you like grapefruit. Small amounts added to dull fruit blends or single citrus
flavors can brighten them and add interest.

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